Hillsborough Toscana Shearling Men's Fur Leather



Men's Toscana Shearling Lambskin Premium Quality Fur Leather Jacket. This leather coat jacket is Made with Top Quality Lamb Leather and Toscana Shearling. Fur Lined Body and Sleeves. This is the most comfortable and posh luxurious fur we offer.

    • Fur Type: Toscana Shearling
    • Leather Shell: Lamb Nappa 0.7mm
    • Finish Type: Shiny
    • Occasion: Posh & Luxury Wear
    • Weight Class: Medium

Toscana is a lamb/sheep that resides in mountain ranges of Spain, and are classified as having the softest and all in all best quality for fur. They are also bread in other European countries such as France and Italy. The hides do come in varying densities of wool thickness and lightness of skin. All are soft, their degree of softness just varies very marginally from one type to the other as every animal is unique. However the best quality is deemed to be of a medium weight which Fadcloset uses in this jacket. They come with very densely packed long haired wool fur, making it near impossible to see the underskin.  

Keeps You Warm and Comfortable:
Shearling coats are timeless favorites among men and women, not only because they can keep you warm in even the coldest winter days, but also because they are fashionable enough to let you do it in style.

*Note fur is a natural product and may have slight variation in fibers.