When you are an HOURGLASS body shape everyone else will know it as well.

It is the most proportionate of all body types and this type has a very well defined

waistline.  Choose dresses or outfits that will flatter what you have. Pay attention to

your waist by using a belt or crop tops. If you have this body type go ahead and

show it off.



The pear shaped body is full in the lower part of the body. Butt and thighs are visually

bigger than the upper body.  This is a body that you are lucky to have. Wide legged pants,

A-line skirts or dresses and tops with patterns or ruffles . Loose tops and skinny jeans

create an hourglass illusion.




This body type is well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. Not too much definition

to your frame. A-line skirts with ruffles and layered tops that will add definition to your

frame. Sleeveless, strapless lines are your thing. Blazers, jackets will add to your look.



Athletic body type. Shoulders broader then hips and these need to be enhanced. Straight

cut jeans and dresses with an inverted-V- look to all clothes these will suit your body.



Heavier top than bottom. Broad shoulders and perhaps a bigger bust line.