Mandy McLamb

Posted on October 02 2019


When I saw this photo it took me back to my grandmothers parlor.  Southern Parlors are usually the first room to the left or right of the foyer.  This room is for meeting and greeting people who drop by usually unannounced and if the woman of the house was not expecting you then generally you stayed in the parlor and never invited to the other parts of the house.  The front of the house will also have a powder room very close to the parlor so if anyone asks if they could go “powder their nose” this way people were still unable to wander around the house.

My grandmothers parlor was a sage green color with antique couch, chairs and prize possessions collected over the years. Growing up it was understood that the parlor was off limits to me. Not to play in it and touching anything would be an automatic lecture again to not touch or play with items in the parlor.  I loved my grandmother but she had so many rules and I was a little southern belle who had a mind of my own. I would always sneak into this room because it was off limits. Now, I miss that parlor, and my grandmother who was a true, blue southern lady. I am extremely family oriented and seeing this photo I immediately had many memories of Grandmother and the parlor.

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