The Elegant Woman

Mandy McLamb

Posted on October 23 2019

The Elegant Woman

As you all know I am from the south and so is Susie.  We grew up with our mom’s and grandmothers dressing in an elegant way.  My mom would dress me up and within 5 minutes I was a disaster.  I have not talked in depth with Susie on this subject but from the photo’s of us together as kids, I think we were a lot alike in this area. 

I watched a Youtube video about what elegant women never wear.  I wear everything she said not to. It was hilarious. I had fun watching her video's on elegance. I have always loved the look of the elegant ladies with perfect Chanel suits and panty hose and matching shoes and bags, with absolutely no scuff marks on their shoes and their handbags were always perfect. They wore just the right amount of  jewelry which consisted of proper sized earrings that also matched their broach and ring. One extra ring only and a small matching bracelet.  I totally love that look. It is chic, classic and never goes out of style.  For me however, I am still the same, dress me up all elegantly and in 5 minutes I am a total disaster. This is one reason we named this website, "The FUNKY Pineapple." It is a website for us gals who are by nature, "Funky."  We tweak elegance a bit so our style will  "Fit Our Funky." 

One of this the Lady’s videos was titled, “10 items an elegant lady would never wear”  Are you ready?  Here we go…

1. No bandage or body con dresses.

    Me:  These dresses are tacky. There are elegant ways to wear fitted clothes.

2. Workout clothes are only for working out.  Do not run errands in yoga pants.

    Me:  Guilty!  But on a good butt day you kinda want to show it off at the store.

3. No crop tops.

    Me:  No problem. There is no need for anyone to see my crop.

4. No animal or cartoon images on any item of clothing. If you do, stay home.

     Me:  Nope!  Sometimes Hello Kitty needs to get out and play!

5. No t-shirts at all. If you must wear them again, wear them at home, only.

    Me:  Never getting to wear t-shirts?  I better have a pretty bra.

6. No jeans. No blue jeans

    Me:  Let's skip to number 7 

7. No ripped jeans ever. If you can not give up jeans then choose white jeans.

    Me: Ok. Now I am topless and I have no pants. 

8. No handbags that are old or scuffed. These she called, "Expired Bags."

    Me: OK. I'm naked and have no bag to take to the store to buy new clothes.

9. No clothes from the 90's.  Also, No clothes from the 80's or 90's.

     Me: Well since I am naked - I have no comment.

10. Elegant ladies are never wrinkled. 

      Me: Again...I am naked and I am guessing wrinkled in many places.         

Thanks for sticking around to read these top ten and I hope my commentary was not too off-putting.  I need to go and look through my closet to see what I did with all of my evening gowns and tiara’s. 

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  • Susie: October 22, 2019

    So the Susie-half of this duo says — oh my goodness!!!! I guess I can’t wear my stretchy pants, oversized mickey mouse T-shirt and blue jean bomber jacket to the mall anymore! Did you see me there last week? I’m sure you did!!!!

    One thing I adhere to — no expired bags. I love a good purse.

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