Thank you for stopping by our website.  Many people ask us how we got the name A Funky Pineapple.  We are born and raised Southern Gal’s and in the south a pineapple symbolizes friendship, hospitality, loyalty and warmth.  This came about ages ago when sea captains would return home from long voyages with spices and fabrics and drink and food. One of the most popular items was the odd looking fruit that look odd and prickly on the outside but cut it open and nothing but sweet deliciousness.  This fruit was the pineapple and they were always a special treat.  The captain would impale a pineapple on the fence post at his home and this would signal to the town to come and bring friends and listen to stories of the voyages and swoon over all of the loot drink, and eat and enjoy the festival they created. The pineapple soon became a symbol of hospitality all over the south and we like to keep that symbol and tradition alive.



Fashion is more than following trends. Fashion is here to help bring out your beauty mind, body and soul.  A women can not express her true self if she lives by trends. Here is a guide to  assist you in finding just the right style that will flatter your body type and bring out a more confident you.  MORE......


Rich in style and well-crafted, zeelool optical has helped 200,000 families to see clearly,
and claim their fashion statement at the same time.  You can stop by their website ZEELOOL.COM and you can choose from men's and women's and you can shop by style or by color.  You can upload a photo of yourself and see how each style and color would look on you. They explain to you how to measure for the perfect fit. 

ZEELOOL is committed to delivering a cornucopia of top quality glasses at affordable prices. 

This is their information:

Live chat

7:00am - 3:00am next day (PST)

Customer Service Department




Call: +1 (302) 990-0619

7:00am - 3:00am next day (PST)

I have five different pairs in different shapes and colors. I ordered a gorgeous pair today. I used to pay $700.00 the ones I bought today I paid in total: $36.75

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